Purpose-built memory and storage for mobile devices


美光尖端的移动内存和存储使其释放成为可能 AI-driven and 5G technologies that offer users seamless and new experiences.

1As compared to publicly available UFS 4.0沙巴体育结算平台性能,该声明是基于在美光实验室进行的基准测试.

Increasing connectivity in the world of 5G and smarter AI

With the growing demands for 5G, smarter mobile AI, and advanced phone applications, 大数据解决方案必须以闪电般的速度提供强大的性能. From the outset, Micron has been a leader in phone storage and memory solutions, 我们将继续开拓令人兴奋的行业变革发展,如 mobile LPDDR.

Memory and storage solutions for mobile applications

Micron’s mobile memory products are specifically designed for faster, 更有效地访问具有大小限制的存储和计算能力的数据平衡需求, cost-effectiveness, and battery power.

我们的低功耗存储器使您能够提供先进的沙巴体育结算平台,提供丰富的种类, immersive mobile experience that smartphone users expect.

Micron meets the performance and visual demands for tablets, 提供既支持性能又支持能效的内存和存储.

智能手表和智能手环得益于美光的移动优化内存和存储组件, which integrate design, performance and low power into a space-saving form factor.

5G正在推动移动网络设计的转变,并推动带宽的极限, latency and efficiency. 美光拥有广泛的解决方案,可以实现完整5G解决方案的各个方面.

Micron’s memory and storage are optimized to support VR/AR requirements, including faster refresh rates, low latency, and low persistency.

Small size, big results


服务器解决方案:美光的3D NAND技术采用了创新的工艺架构.

System designers who build products like laptops, mobile devices, 服务器可以利用3D NAND前所未有的性能来满足企业和消费者日益增长的数据移动需求.

LPDDR5X component with Micron logo

消费者希望他们的超薄计算设备拥有更多的特性和功能, 移动电话和汽车信息娱乐系统—您需要在更短的时间内交付它们,同时平衡性能与功率和空间限制. 我们了解这些设计挑战,并提供各种低功耗DRAM (LPDRAM)部件来解决这些问题. Our low-power DRAM (LPDRAM) has the low power consumption, high performance, choice of densities, and wide temperature ranges to help you get the most out of your design.


Whether you’re trying to minimize power consumption, maximize density, increase speed, or do everything at once, Micron’s NAND MCPs can drive your design no matter the application. 通过我们的全面测试,您可以获得空间受限设计所需的可靠性, 各种封装和技术选项的可堆叠mcp和pop,来自制造所有存储元件的存储器供应商,包括NAND闪存和移动LPDRAM.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between phone "storage" and phone "memory"?

Your smartphone's internal "storage", also known as flash memory, is non-volatile memory and keeps your data stored. 这将包括你的图片、视频、操作系统、设置和偏好等数据. Your smartphone's "memory", also known as Low Power DRAM, 它是一种易失性存储,仅在设备上电时保留数据. It’s used for storing data that’s being processed by the CPU, like running applications or playing music. 手机内存或RAM(随机存取存储器)是保存当前正在使用的数据和应用程序的临时存储器. The more RAM in a phone, the more apps can be opened and used simultaneously; likewise, the faster the RAM, the faster the phone operates. 对于游戏应用来说,更多更快的内存可以带来更好的游戏体验.

What is the difference between LPDDR5X, LPDDR5 and LPDDR4?

Bandwidth/latency speeds LPDDR5X, LPDDR5和LPDDR4是所有类型的移动DRAM(动态随机存取存储器), where LP stands for low power. The numbers 5X, 5 and 4 denote the generation of memory, with 5X being the latest, most advanced generation of LPDRAM. Overall, each new generation of LPDRAM comes with better power efficiency, higher capacity and faster speeds. LPDDR5X is seen in the latest flagship smartphones.

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Do AI phone applications use a lot of memory and storage?

手机中的AI(人工智能)功能会消耗手机的存储空间和内存, 但确切的数量取决于AI功能的具体执行和使用. 许多人工智能功能需要为人工智能算法提供存储空间,以使其能够运行. And for them to run smoothly and quickly, more memory use is also required. 选择一个有足够存储空间和内存的手机是一个好主意, 特别是如果你计划在智能手机上使用人工智能功能或运行人工智能应用程序.

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What smartphone applications use AI?

Many applications use some aspects of AI in their processing. The most obvious are built-in digital assistants. Other applications may not be as obvious, like night mode and filters on your camera and photo-editing software. 人工智能在智能手机用户体验中变得无处不在,其使用也在迅速增长.​